May 31, 2008

Work Seminar

Karlsruhe, Germany
On Flickr

Looking to the gods for help.

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May 16, 2008

Heading back to Germany

‘The Mad Scientist and Danger Mouse’ | 1986 | Corpus Christi, Texas | On Flickr |

Sorry for the light posting here this week, but the weather in Northern California finally resembled summer, so Amanda and I spent yesterday on the beach, where I managed to sunburn the top of my feet. Tomorrow I’m flying to Germany for work stuff and won’t be back until after Memorial Day, but I should still be posting here. In case I don’t, I’ll leave up this shot that Flickr loves. The Mad Scientist costume — what a classic.

This week, the most interesting thing I read was Malcolm Gladwell’s article on inventions, although it takes a couple pages to hit its stride. Brain Viagra was a disturbing runner-up.

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May 15, 2008


For Mother’s Day, I edited and uploaded a bunch of old family photos that I scanned years ago. Family members will enjoy the entire set. Friends will get a kick out of the fact that my face looks exactly the same in my baby pictures as it does now. Amanda always cracks up because, until about age 5, I looked and dressed like a miniature old man.

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May 14, 2008

Jay at Christmas

Leander, Texas
On Flickr

I barely remember taking this but found it when I was sorting through the very last of the 6000+ frames from my Optio Wpi that I never got around to editing.

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May 13, 2008

Behold Rolando’s

San Antonio
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Rolando’s Super Tacos makes the hugest tacos you’ve ever seen. They’re so big they have to advertise “Now: We serve small tacos!” They’re good, too. We drive past at least 100 other taquerias on our way there.

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Picher Is Gone

Picher, Oklahoma
On Flickr

Over the weekend a tornado wiped out what was left of the tiny, dying mining town of Picher, Oklahoma. I went there about a year and a half ago to write a story on the federal buyout of the town, which sits in the middle of a Superfund site. I can’t believe things actually got worse for those poor people. Good luck to everyone starting over out there. God knows they deserve it.

For a sense of the completeness of the devastation, see this video or this photo by Anthony Papillion on Flickr, which shows the area around the oddly shaped chat pile in the middle of the photo above, seen closer here.

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May 10, 2008

Jet Stream

Somewhere over Detroit
On Flickr

In the middle of posting these photos this week — and looking at similar shots from earlier entries (one, two, three, four) — I realized that all but one were taken with a small point-and-shoot digital. Last summer, when my old pocket camera sank to the bottom of a river, I considered it a relief: no more obsessive shutterbugging, no more crush of unsorted, unedited photos. But now I’m missing the odd perspectives and spontaneous shooting. Plus, I just got a bike and need a camera to take with me on rides.

So this week I bought a Canon PowerShot SD870IS. Several reasons: reviews noted its superior image quality and fast start-up time. It’s also got a huge LCD screen. But the kicker was my friend Tom’s post on hacking the camera’s firmware to give you buku additional options: full manual controls, RAW shooting, your choice of video encryption, and more.

Other cool stuff I saw this week:

— The Wearable Chair. Chair legs built into pants. I had the same idea once, but called it Seat Pants. Apparently someone patented it decades ago. Tell me this wouldn’t be huge at rock concerts, the DMV, nerd-movie premiers, you name it.

— Odd and touching: this quote and this photo.

— What the hell is up with Isabella Rossellini’s bug porn? (From Your New Favorite)

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May 9, 2008

Morning in Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe, Germany
On Flickr

Taken out the window of the tram on my morning commute when I was in Germany for work training.

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May 7, 2008

Squiggles, Right Side

I-35 between Austin and San Antonio (I think)
On Flickr

I usually don’t go for these random-light-streaks photos, but this is an old one I’ve always enjoyed for some reason. It’s actually a picture of distant highway lights, turned on its side

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May 6, 2008

< < < <

Austin, rounding a curve on Lamar Blvd.
On Flickr

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